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Customer Benefits From

  • More than 30 popular service categories are available on one touch.
  • Customer Care Center 24/7 working for your comfort and to assure delivering the quality services to you.
  • Secured reliable and certified service professional.
  • 15 days service guarantee.
  • History of all your request done through 7ader.
  • Royalty program and promotion discounts.


Service we offer

Some of the most popular services on 7ader

  • Air Conditions

  • Tourism

  • Drainage Services

  • Educational Services

  • Electrical

  • Event Management

  • General Maintenance

  • Home Maintenance

  • Indoor Services

  • Interior Decoration

  • IT

  • Movers And Packers

  • Pest Control

  • Plumbing

  • Pool Cleaning

  • Security Systems

  • Water Tanker

  • Outdoor Services

  • Home Appliances Repairing

  • Home Health Care

  • Beauty & Spa

How it works?

Follow few simple steps to avail the best services

  • Step 1

    Download 7ader application

  • Step 2

    Register yourself as customer and fill your primary information such as mobile number, email and your location then activate your 7ader account .

  • Step 3

    Choose the service you want to be served

  • Step 4

    Choose your location by using Google map

  • Step 5

    Choose request type (Now / Schedule) and then choose date and time to be served.

  • Step 6

    After Service provider acceptance your request, notification will come to your dashboard at 7ader application mention details of our service provider and service provider will contact you

  • Step 7

    Verified Service Provider

  • Step 8

    On Time Certified Processing

  • Step 9

    Job Completion & Paper Less Invoice

  • Step 10

    Rate Your Service

About Us

How do you feel when you need something to be fixed or to arrange services in your home like fixing electricity problem or even making birthday party for your child and you wonder where to go or how to bring trustable service provider for that.

7ader is your trustable solution to arrange all this for you just by One Touch. As 7ader is digital platform to residential community to demand their services for household, starting from repairing and maintenance, beauty and comforts, movers and packers, educational services, babysitter and housemaid, any event celebration management and many more residential services.

7ader is designed by using latest technology to structure very unorganized and undisciplined residential service market in Saudi Arabia.

Our Mission

  • Providing wide range of quality services & facilities needed to bring convenience in the community.

  • We pride ourselves in being able to understand, anticipate & accommodate the needs of the communities for which we offer services through reliable and highly professional service providers.

Our Vision

  • To enhance the quality of life by ” serving your needs to stay comfortable, healthier & happy”.

Our Core Values

  • 7 (H)ighly Customer focused.
  • Action oriented & sense of urgency.
  • Dedicated to quality service delivery.
  • Exceptionally Motivated.
  • Respectful and Honourable

Why 7ader

  • 7ader will be the tool to organize Home Service Maintenance market in Makkah region.

  • 7ader will increase Saudi Home Service Maintenance firms share in this sector and in opposite Freelancer labors their share will decrease.

  • 7ader will make life easier to residence of Makkah region especially female.

  • More security to homeowner because all 7ader service provider are companies not singles.


7ader key words

7ader, Home maintenance, Residential services. Electrical, Plumbing, Air conditions, General maintenance, IT, INFORMATION TECHNOLAGY, Security System, Security System, Water reservoir, Exhaust fan, Educational services, Home maintenance yearly Contract, Blockage, Drainage tankers lighting, Sockets, Water leakage, Basin and toilets. Windows air condition , Door/windows, Repair and installation, Kwafera Massage, Carpet clearing, Baby sitter, House maid, Wedding, Gypsum, wood floors, Glass and aluminum, Blinds

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